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Road trip with Moreno De Giorgio

Road trip with Moreno De Giorgio

Design Stories is a project launched by Quadrifoglio Group to tell the story of the developmental process of their lamps through the words of their designers. Today we unveil the LightSound project which was designed by Moreno De Giorgio in collaboration with Officity and NYXbyKarboxx. The creation process has brought us along on the road with the Italian designer to discover every single step that has allowed us to produce this unique solution that meets the needs for visual and acoustic comfort in the work place.

From the hands of this craftsman of light, the resulting project assumes a triangular shape that is one part full with soft edges for the sound absorbing panel and the other, empty and angular for the LED light. LightSound, which presents itself in a clear and defined way, is intuitively tied to Moreno’s personal characteristics. It was born in the silent approach to the subject and has made its way with the designer’s confidence that the space is a working tool tainted by its users.

The office world changes with those who live in it. This happens as they are influenced by the different cultures and architectures they see in their travels. These frequent travels are what make the professionals quick, mobile and able to adapt to new ways of work and modern technology and yet office remains the constant where people need to exchange ideas and dialogues. This is the reason why LightSound intervenes in the space satisfying the need to been seen and heard. It provides two distinct and antithetical modules, a LED lamp that gives light and a sound absorbing panel, that are balanced in energy.

  • Manaut
    16 January 2019

    Je suis architecte d’interieur À Bordeaux. Vos produits m’interessent, pourriez-vous m’envoyer de la documentation Par le biais de mon mail?
    Merci Par avance.
    Valerie manaut

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