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Design for Living

Quadrifoglio Group has a new way of communicating and relating with its partner, and a new way of inspiring and improving itself towards its customers. Design Stories gathers people, designers and architects from all over the world, in order to improve the experiences in the workplace environment and thus the life’s quality.

Each product is conceived to shape a need, changing everydays’ objects in functional but also emotional items. The challenges and the journeys taken will be presented here, answering to the office-living’s needs day by day, for the people and along with them.

backstage Design Stories
backstage Design Stories

At the heart of it, the concept

We have met different people to tell the stories and the passions behind the concept of a product. Sometimes, the designer’s motivations is driven by the need of improving something, sometimes by the brilliant inspiration. Each path is unique, mysterious and artistic. Now, we are going to unveil what is hidden behind each design.

Design Stories Serena Papait
Serena Papait
Design Stories Fiorenzo Dorigo
Fiorenzo Dorigo
Design Stories Gabriel Polloni Associati
Gabriel Polloni Associati
Design Stories Atelier Studio Borella
Atelier Studio Borella
Design Stories David Dolcini
David Dolcini
Design Stories Massimiliano Mornati
Massimiliano Mornati
Design Stories Moreno de Giorgio
Moreno De Giorgio
Design Stories Princic e Righi
Alessio Princic & Roberto Righi